DOKKA Interview: Advice from a Virtual Bookkeeping Company

We recently posted part 1 of the interview that Julie had with Eric Edelstein, a Co-Founder and CRO of DOKKA. In part 2, the focus of the interview changes from simply choosing between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop to focusing on advice that Julie could offer after running a virtual bookkeeping company. This interview centers around the idea of virtual bookkeeping. What makes a good bookkeeper? What is the difference in working with a solo bookkeeper, a virtual bookkeeping company, and vc-funded bookkeeping companies? Bookkeeping in 2030, what will that look like? How do you even start a virtual bookkeeping company? Moreover, all of these topics and more are found in part 2 of this interview.

DOKKA logo

Over the years, Backyard Bookkeeper has enjoyed a working relationship with DOKKA. DOKKA is a Document Management System that is based out of Israel. During their development stage, DOKKA reached out seeking input from a bookkeeper’s perspective. That is how we first met DOKKA.  Today, we continue that relationship by utilizing this software for client’s who need document managing services. For example, DOKKA’s software utilizes technology to “read” a scanned document and create transactions that can be linked and uploaded into QuickBooks and Xero, among other bookkeeping software. We hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as we enjoyed working with DOKKA over the years.

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