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At Backyard Bookkeeper, we don’t just offer traditional bookkeeping services; we empower our clients with financial information about their own businesses. Whether you are a startup with a lot of questions, or behind on your books and don’t know where to start, or an experienced business owner who just needs “a couple things done,” we are here to help!




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Rocky, business owner

I tried to manage my Quickbooks by myself for many years and was just not getting the result I wanted. I have found Backyard Bookkeeper to be a great fit to my business and gives me the time to spend on more productive things in my business. Thanks guys! R. H.

Al, attorney

After opening my own firm, I quickly realized handling my own bookkeeping was a losing proposition – not only did not I not have sufficient knowledge, I was losing valuable time that could be better spent doing what I do best. I contacted Backyard Bookkeeper. They came to the rescue, assuming my Quickbooks mess, and quickly organized and streamlined both my internal bookkeeping, but also took over my billing. Backyard Bookkeeper is immediately responsive, and 100% competent. I am very happy with their service and highly recommend any small business give them a try – you won’t regret it.

Tami, business owner

I am thrilled with the service I have had from Julie with Backyard Bookkeeper! A recent computer crash left me with a feeling of dread.  After trying to install/restore backup on my own – I encountered errors and was at a standstill. Julie was prompt to respond to my problem, arranged for a time when we could work on a resolution, and within minutes she had my data restored and had me back up and running my small business! Julie is very knowledgeable about QuickBooks and is a resource I am thrilled to have by my side when I need her! I highly recommend Backyard Bookkeeper to other business owners.

Cindy, bookkeeper

I contacted Julie DeLong on two separate occasions for help with some bookkeeping issues that I was having. Julie responded immediately and helped me solve my problems. She understood every issue that I was having and gave me clear, concise resolutions for each. Having her as a resource has made my job so much easier! I highly recommend her and am so grateful to have her to turn to when I have a problem!

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