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Grow Together

The best way to grow is together.

We are here to support all kinds of businesses – from startups to established corporations and nonprofits. Collectively, our team has decades of experience in a vast array of industries. We work hard to pair you with the bookkeeper that is best for you and your organization.

Choose the right service for your business

Monthly Packages

Our monthly bookkeeping packages include traditional bookkeeping and data entry, financial statement preparation, and monthly consultations with your bookkeeper. Prices start at $180/month and vary according to the size and complexity of your business. 

Accounting Disaster Cleanup

It’s never too late to ask for help! No mess is too big; no shoebox is too deep. We have saved so many businesses that have never done any bookkeeping, have partial records, or have gotten too far behind to catch up on their own.

Hourly Bookkeeping

We’ve got you even if your business is seasonal or you need one-time help. Hourly services include setting up Quickbooks, training you how to do your own bookkeeping, spot-checking your books, and just lending a hand when you need it.

Headache-Free 1099 Filing

We can answer any questions you have about filing, help you figure out who you need to send a 1099 to, calculate correct amounts, and file them for you. We charge our time at regular hourly service rates, and our filing fee is $6/form (email delivery) or $12/form (mail delivery).

Payroll Services

Our payroll services start at $60/month. All service options include free direct deposit, easy online access, and electronic filing and payment for all federal and state returns. We will walk you through all your questions and do the tax account setup for you.

Law Firm Bookkeeping

Law firms have special bookkeeping needs, particularly when it comes to trust accounting. We have an entire team of bookkeepers dedicated to providing services to law firms on a variety of practice management platforms. Monthly packages start at $200/month.

Cryptocurrency Bookkeeping

This is one way that we are not your average bookkeeper! The world is changing, and we are dedicated to keeping up with it. More and more businesses are turning to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. We keep up with those trends and developments in accounting software.

Bookkeeping For Gamers and Influencers

Gamers and influencers whose businesses have grown rapidly are sometimes surprised by their tax bill at the end of the year. Finding deductions can be a challenge! We can help you start tracking the right data so you and your CPA can find more write-offs.

Bookkeeping For Non-Profits

Nonprofits have additional bookkeeping needs beyond the standard financial statements. Let us help you with fund accounting, classifying your expenses according to program, running budget reports, and prepping for your audit.

Controller Services

Financial controllers are a step between a regular bookkeeper and a CFO. Our goal as a bookkeeping company is for our bookkeepers to always produce controller-quality financial reports to all our clients. However, sometimes clients need more in-depth reporting, a more specific chart of accounts, or custom generated reporting. We can help you develop a budget and build custom reports so you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Fractional CFO Services

A CFO can help you take your business to the next level, but most small to mid size businesses don’t need a full time CFO. We can help you evaluate what your next steps are to grow your business, build financial models and forecasts, and connect you with resources that will help you meet your growth and financial goals.

Recruiting and Hiring

As your company grows, eventually you will need to bring some accounting functions in-house, as well as add other administrative positions to your staff. Finding qualified candidates can be a huge burden for a small business owner. We have sixteen years of experience identifying qualified accounting and administrative professionals and getting them trained and onboarded. Let us help you find the person who can do exactly what you need.

Other Bookkeeping and Consulting Services

We provide bookkeeping services for all sorts of industries. This includes construction, education, e-commerce, professional services, SAAS, HOA, real estate, health & wellness, and many more. In addition to monthly bookkeeping, we can also provide hourly services on an as-needed basis. 

Answers to frequently asked questions

Every business is unique. We individualize the service package for every client. Our goal is to set a flat monthly price that allows us to maintain your books at a price you can afford. You can see some of our starting prices under the services tabs above. When you request a customized quote, we call you and ask you a few questions about your organization and bookkeeping needs. We are usually able to give you a quote over the phone. Your price will depend on the overall volume and complexity of your financial transactions. 

No, we don’t. The IRS has increased requirements for tax preparers in recent years, and we aren’t certified in that area. It’s actually better this way! Your CPA or Enrolled Agent can focus on preparing and optimizing your taxes. You focus on the day to day operations of your business. Meanwhile, we specialize in generating financials that empower you to make good business decisions. We will be the bridge between you, your books, and your CPA.

Yes, we currently have several clients in various industries whose gross monthly revenues are seven or eight figures. And if you’re not (yet) making millions, we will stand with you as you grow! Our work provides you with the financial data you will need for effective decision-making and growth.

Most banks these days offer a kind of “guest user” access to online banking for business accounts (here’s one example). This kind of access allows us to view transaction details and statements, but doesn’t permit us to transfer funds or initiate other transactions. Wherever possible, it is our preference to set up view access only to your bank data, because that is safest for you and for us. Where that’s not available, we will discuss other options with you to minimize your risk exposure.

Since the onset of COVID in 2020, we have discontinued onsite services and work entirely remotely. If you are located in or near Salt Lake City, UT or one of our other hubs, we can arrange occasional in-person meetings. However, we find that we can do almost all of our work with the remote tools currently available. We frequently host Zoom meetings with our partners and clients.

Yes, our sister company Backyard Payroll offers payroll services. Unlike Paychex or ADP, we don’t withdraw tax money from your account and hold them in trust for you. Instead, we initiate tax payments directly to the government from your bank account when they are due. 

No; that requires specialized training and is best handled by someone on site. However, we can still do the bookkeeping and prepare financials for the overall business.

We are always happy if we can help! There is no charge for quick questions or advice. Just call our office or email us at info@backyardbookkeeper.com, and we’ll get back to you within a day or two.

We have done bookkeeping for businesses in almost every industry imaginable. This includes construction, professional services, personal services, entertainment, medical, nonprofits, law firms, MLM, retail, e-commerce, IT, cryptocurrency, and many more. In fact, the only thing we can safely say we don’t do is bookkeeping for government entities and publicly traded corporations.

When you sign up for bookkeeping with us, we assign you a primary bookkeeper who will be responsible for your books. We do sometimes reassign bookkeepers, but it’s pretty rare. However, you do benefit from the strength of our team! We hold company meetings regularly, share information securely as needed, and keep each other updated. That way, if your bookkeeper takes some personal time off, we will still make sure your books are kept current. 

We primarily use Quickbooks Online. However, we are also familiar with Xero, Wave, Zoho, CosmoLex, and others. We also can work with you to integrate data from other systems, such as Shopify or other POS systems, into your company file. Luckily, bookkeeping principles remain the same in any accounting software.

Yes, of course! Our remote server is well encrypted and backed up daily. We have strict security protocols to keep data safe, cybersecurity insurance to protect us and our clients, and ongoing cybersecurity training for all employees. We use Advantage IT for all our IT and cybersecurity needs.

One of the reasons you are looking for a bookkeeper is simply that you need someone else to take care of it, so you can work on other things. Let us do that for you! Over the past decade, we have refined our remote tools and procedures so we can do the bulk of the work without your direct involvement. In other words, without having to remote in to your personal computer, take up space in your office, or pester you for information. We contact you with a short list of questions after we have done everything else we can on our own. When that’s done, we issue your financials. Let it be that easy! 

Yes, of course. We can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Yes, as needed. If your only goal is personal budgeting, it’s probably better to use one of the many free online personal finance tools. However, there are scenarios where people need personal finance tracking. For example, when personal finances are intermingled with business or where someone needs help identifying additional tax deductions. Also, we have helped prepare household income and expense statements needed for divorce proceedings and similar court cases.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact or reach out to us. Our team is here to support you and we are eager to be part of your journey.