Keeping employees happy starts with timely and accurate payroll. Let us take care of it for you.

Payroll taxes are expensive enough; processing fees should not cost you an arm and a leg.

We will take care of you!

Remember, we are business owners ourselves. The first time we hired an employee, we knew we were taking on a huge responsibility, but we knew that to grow we would need help. It was the moment when Backyard Bookkeeper became a true business, not just a job we had created for our selves.

When our first team member joined us, we were lucky because we already knew how to navigate all the rules and forms to file, so running payroll was easy for us. Yes, you read that right, there are a lot of rules to follow! Payroll taxes are nonnegotiable. If you don’t file or pay your income tax, it might take the IRS a couple years to catch up with you. But if you don’t file or pay your payroll tax, it will only take them a couple months to start looking for you, and you will have to pay stiff penalties and interest to resolve your outstanding balance.

We love what we do, and our payroll specialists  enjoy navigating the ins and outs of federal and state payroll regulations. Read below to learn why our service is the best in the market.

Get to know your payroll team!

Operations & HR Manager
Team Lead - Payroll
Payroll Specialist

Payroll services to suit your needs

Backyard Payroll LLC, sister company to Backyard Bookkeeper LLC, now offers two easy and affordable payroll processing options for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking for regular payroll support or just need help with an isolated issue, we are here to help.

Our team is your team.

Our payroll services 

Organizing payroll, tracking payments, and settling taxes can be a lot to juggle. At Backyard Payroll, getting started is easy, then all we need from you each month are employee hours. We can take care of everything else.

With each of our payroll service plans, we include:

  • Delivery of direct deposit paychecks
  • Calculation of hard-copy paychecks
  • Planning for and submission of state and federal taxes
  • Organization and delivery of end-of-year tax information
  • Management of payments to employee retirement accounts
  • Arrangement of deductions and reimbursements

Flexible Payroll

This option is best suited for clients who prefer flexibility in paying paychecks and who don’t need help planning for payroll taxes.


  • Check payments on a varying schedule.
  • State and Federal tax planning while keeping payments flexible.
  • Quick two-day lead time to generate payments.  
  • Low monthly rate is ideal for small businesses.
  • Offers you greater control of your money at any given time.

Simple, Pay As You Go Payroll

This service is best for businesses who prefer to get their payroll taxes out of the way at the same time they pay employees. With more automation, it is a great choice for businesses who just need to keep things simple.


  • Paycheck delivery on a regular schedule.
  • State and Federal tax planning.
  • Tax payments with every paycheck, ensuring that you never fall short.
  • Automated approach helps simplify payroll for busy businesses.
  • Employee portal allows employees to update their own payment and tax withholding preferences.


Susan has been great to work with. She has been very accommodating and willing to do anything to help me. When I first called Backyard Bookkeeper and talked to Susan, I felt ashamed that my books were a mess for one full year. By the end of the conversation, I felt so much better and was reassured that it was not a problem. Ultimately, Susan cleaned up my mess in a short period of time. I feel very comfortable working with Susan. Because she is prompt and has earned my trust, I also have her manage my books for two additional businesses I own.


Why do I like working for backyard bookkeeper??? I really enjoy our wonderful team that we have created. I get asked all the time,”why don’t you just go out on your own and do this?” My answer is because the TEAM at backyard bookkeeper is complete. We all have strengths that we bring to the group and this is what makes us a fabulous company to work for!!!

Christy Penton

Penton Law Center

“Their services have been outstanding!”

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“Ashley is very good at her job and very responsive. Her client-centered approach is fantastic.”


They fit our needs! Backyard Bookkeeper is great. We are a small non-profit that needs reliable bookkeeping services. BYB is perfect for our agency. Julie is available and helpful whenever we have questions and she is familiar with the specific needs of non-profit rules. We appreciate the flexibility and energy they put into keeping us going.


As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve worked with many accounting firms over the last thirty years. Backyard Accounting is by far my favorite! Working with Alex and Julie and their team has been a fantastic experience. They make accounting simple and easy, and they always go above and beyond. I highly recommend Backyard Accounting! You’ll thank me, and so will your CPA. – Chip Hopper, BookJedi, Futurist, Author.


I like the great team of women who are supportive and helpful to each other.  I like being able to set my own schedule and work at home.  I also enjoy working with my great clients and love the variety of business models I am learning about.


Working at Backyard Bookkeeper is the dream job that I didn’t even know I was looking for.  I get to work with amazing people each and every day.  Each day is different from the day before and so I never get stuck in a mundane rut.  There is flexibility in the hours that I can work.  This means that I can have the best of both worlds by being able to work and still take care of my family.  I have never worked for a company that cares as much about their employees as Backyard Bookkeeper.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of their team.


We have greatly appreciated EVERYTHING that Backyard Bookeeper has done for us at Sovegna. You have truly met our needs, and I am very grateful for that and being able to be rest assured that my employees’ needs have been readily met. Thank you again to everyone for all of your great work!

Angel Marketing

We LOVE working with Backyard Bookkeeper; they are passionate and dedicated professionals. Keep it up!

-Angel Marketing

WDM Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held entity operating a Professional Private Investigative Agency and Small Business Consultancy. We’ve been with Backyard Bookkeeper for going on three years. We’ve gone from a disastrous in-house set of books to a professional set of books we can rely on in determining success and while planning for profit. Backyard Bookkeeping is timely, accurate and affordable. What did we do before Backyard Bookkeeper? Sad to say; we lost profit that’s not recoverable, and wasted time and effort in an area not within our expertise. How about now with Backyard Bookkeeper; we plan for profit, devote our time to to servicing our clients, generating greater repeat business and referrals, and have a credible, accurate and timely report card on our business. Thank you Backyard Bookkeeper!


I enjoy working for Backyard Bookkeeper because of the balance it allows me in my life. I feel like a valued member of society because I am able to offer a needed service to my clients and I also have the time and ability to provide for the needs of my family. I feel lucky to enjoy the best of both worlds.


I was looking for a position and a company where I could utilize my skills from my previous workplaces, work from home and work with very capable and dependable people. I was very fortunate to become a part of this team where it’s not focused on being competitive and stepping on each others toes to get to the top, but very much centered on a team effort to take care of our client’s needs. There are also many opportunities for commissions, bonuses and pay increases, which is all the more reason to want to work for this company!”

Thank you Jenny at Backyard Bookkeeper for your attention to detail. I have been using Backyard Bookkeeper for quite a few years now and couldn’t be happier with the service I have received. Thank you for doing such a great job and completing tasks sometimes on very short notice. I look forward to working with your company for years to come.


Backyard Bookkeeper has been there for me since I was by myself in my apartment trying to get my business off the ground. Mandi helped me make sure my books where clean and organized so I could focus on the other aspects of my business. Everything was nice and automated and Mandi acted like she was a member of my team. It was great. Thank you for everything!


I’ve been very happy with the services provided by Backyard Bookkeeper. As a business owner, it’s good to know I don’t need to worry about the bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll. Jenny and Julie have always been there when I have a question, and I truly appreciate their ability to not only do the work, but to be my teachers when I have a question. I highly recommend Backyard Bookkeeper to any business owner.


I contacted Julie DeLong on two separate occasions for help with some bookkeeping issues that I was having. Julie responded immediately and helped me solve my problems. She understood every issue that I was having and gave me clear, concise resolutions for each. Having her as a resource has made my job so much easier! I highly recommend her and am so grateful to have her to turn to when I have a problem!


I tried managing my QuickBooks on my own for a couple of years, and constantly ran into situations that I didn’t know how to solve. Now, I have my own personal QuickBooks Superhero: Julie DeLong! She is capable of leaping over a huge mathematical tangle in a single bound, and can quickly compute complex figures in her super-genius brain, while standing on one foot and whistling “Dixie”. It’s all in a days work for Julie to design powerful solutions to the mightiest messes while peeling a banana and standing on her head. I particularly love that she manages my sales tax, and my complex vendor statements. Glad she found my backyard!


I love working for Backyard Bookkeeper. The people I work with, both co-workers and clients are wonderful. This is a job I look forward to every day, and I can work from home on my time-frame. It has been the perfect fit for me as I’ve grown and learned in my responsibilities. And the owners are constantly looking for ways to improve our company. It’s not often you find a company that values family and their employees the way Backyard Bookkeeper does. I’m so grateful to have this job!

Backyard Bookkeeper team member


I am thrilled with the service I have had from Julie with Backyard Bookkeeper! A recent computer crash left me with a feeling of dread. After trying to install/restore backup on my own – I encountered errors and was at a standstill. Julie was prompt to respond to my problem, arranged for a time when we could work on a resolution, and within minutes she had my data restored and had me back up and running my small business! Julie is very knowledgeable about QuickBooks and is a resource I am thrilled to have by my side when I need her! I highly recommend Backyard Bookkeeper to other business owners.