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Backyard Payroll LLC, sister company to Backyard Bookkeeper LLC, now offers two easy and affordable payroll processing options for businesses of all sizes. 

Flexible Payroll

Using Intuit Online Payroll’s software platform and beginning at $35/month, this option is usually cheapest for small businesses. It is best suited for clients who prefer flexibility in paying paychecks and payroll taxes, who also have dependable cash flow. 

Simple, Pay-as-you-go Payroll

Using Gusto Payroll software and starting at $45/month, this service is best for businesses who prefer to get their payroll taxes out of the way at the same time they pay employees. With more automation, it is a great choice for businesses who just need to keep things simple.

Founder Bookkeeper

Julie does most of the actual number crunching for the business and would rather play on Quickbooks than Facebook. She has a weakness for superhero movies, Rachmaninov, and chocolate, and her favorite book is a vampire novel titled Sunshine.

Julie is an experienced bookkeeper and accountant. Since the founding of Backyard Bookkeeper in 2008, she has worked with over 200 different companies in a wide variety of industries, including construction, nonprofit, health care, consulting, retail sales, online sales, legal, entertainment, real estate, and many more.


  • Working out solutions for unique accounting dilemmas and situations that everyone else has given up on.
  • Quickbooks disaster cleanup–the bigger the mess, the more excited she is to get started!
  • Restructuring Quickbooks company files and charts of accounts for better and more useful reporting.
  • Nonprofit accounting.

Mary enjoys making order out of chaos, checking off to-do lists, and the site of a brand new day planner. She loves ice-cold diet Coke, being outdoors, swimming, and spending time with her husband and little boy.

Mary is a highly driven, enthusiastic bookkeeper, and she is Backyard Bookkeeper’s go-to person when someone has “technical difficulties.” In addition to bookkeeping, she has expertise in marketing, public relations, human resources, and communication.



  • Payroll returns and filings, including multi-state.
  • Extra fast data entry: 85+ WPM.
  • Research of tax, business, legal, and technical issues.
  • Issues relating to Apple users, including accounting in Quickbooks for Mac.

Your payroll specialists

Julie is the owner of both Backyard Bookkeeper LLC and Backyard Payroll LLC, with over 10 years of bookkeeping and payroll experience. 

Mary is our multi-state payroll specialist, with experience running payroll in over 30 states, managing benefits, and advising in HR issues.

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