How to put more oomph in your Mondays.

Saturday and Sunday pass by way too fast. Then it comes: Monday morning. Does anyone else suffer from sober weekend hangovers? If you do, we guarantee that you are not alone! We did some research and found some good tips from by Michael Cheary, a content and social media manager,  for helping your Monday be just as fabulous as your weekend. And no we’re not talking about the stereotypical advice like getting up earlier, setting an alarm, or eating a good breakfast (although those all certainly help). These are ideas that you may not have considered to add some pep to your Monday morning step (that flows off the tongue well). 

  1. Find a Monday happy place. Make your Monday’s stand out. Think of what makes you spark and try to recreate it on Mondays. Maybe this means lunch with a co-worker, listening to your favorite playlist as you get ready, or bookmarking something interesting to read during your breaks. 
  2. Put things in perspective. Cheary says, “You may be sleepy. You may lack motivation. You may have even forgotten your umbrella on the day you finally brave the suit/short combo. But no matter how bad your day is, it could almost always be worse. If all else fails, hey, at least it’s not Wednesday.”
  3. Remind yourself about other successful Mondays. Ups and downs come, but remember you have had successful Mondays before. Cheary reminds us of some great historical accomplishments on Mondays. For example on a Monday the man first walked on the moon, the UK’s first cinema opened, and the Deathstar was blown up (probably). The list never stops! 
  4. Make someone’s day. We saved the best for last. Everyone is fighting the Monday morning battle. Don’t be that guy or gal that makes it worse for everyone. Smile, invite a friend to lunch (or better yet pay for their lunch), send a thoughtful text, or say hi to coworkers in the office. 

We hope these tips help you put a pep in your step, and now give you something new to think about on Mondays. If you want to hear the super practical tips like setting the alarm and going to bed earlier, we won’t leave you hanging! Check out the rest of the pointers here

And as Cheary says, “Still not convinced? Sometimes it’s not Monday, it’s you. Maybe find a job worth waking up for!” To that we say check out our Facebook page or our website to see if we are hiring. We often are! 

Happy Monday!

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