Passion + Hard Work = Success

One of my favorite types of book to read is biographies. My taste is pretty eclectic when it comes to the person – from Ben Franklin to Arnold Schwarzenegger, musicians to spies and tattoo artists. I enjoy reading people’s stories, understanding what they deem as important events in their lives.  From the countless stories I have read, I noticed a common theme Passion + Hard Work = Success.

One thing that I have found that rings true in all the biographies I’ve read is that success does not come easy for anyone. No matter what you deem as success – whether it’s fame, fortune, or a happy family life – it only comes with focus, passion, hard work, and a bit of luck. The relationships we create with others also help. No one becomes their version of success alone. I guess the one exception is if you see success as living as a hermit in the backcountry; but even then, someone had to create the clothes and tools you brought with you to your cave.

Amy Poehler, in her book Yes Please put it well, “most people become “famous” or get “great jobs” after a very, very long tenure shoveling sh** and not because they handed their script to someone on the street.

Passion + Hard Work = Success.

Our perspective is often jaded because all we see is the end result. We see the lifestyle that we want, the happy relationship, the money and we desire it. However, we don’t see all it took to get there. Amy Poehler said it this way “See, years and years of hard work and little bits of progress isn’t nearly as entertaining as imagining me telling a joke in a Boston food court when suddenly Lorne Michaels walks up and says, ‘I must have you for a little show I do.’”

So what does that mean for us? It means we need to keep working, keep pushing, keep pursuing our passion. Keep your idea of success at the forefront. Understanding that one step at a time is the way up to your mountain. And enjoy the scenery along the way, every step brings you closer to your goal. Passion + Hard Work = Success.


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