Principals of Leadership Part 2: Gratitude


Gratitude. It shouldn’t be a secret but begs to be repeated: people are more willing to work hard, do what they are asked, and remain loyal when they feel appreciated. The flip side of this is helpful, too. When you look for things to be grateful for, your mindset is in a more positive place and allows you to see what good is going on.


I have found having gratitude is especially important when having difficult conversations when there are issues to address. When I approach an employee or client with something they may not like to hear, I use the Sandwich Method:

  1.     Start with something specifically positive, something I’m grateful for that they do.
  2.     Talk about the difficult situation that needs to be addressed and come to a resolution if needed.
  3.     Say something else specifically positive.


I have found using this simple method has allowed my conversations with co-workers and clients to maintain a positive light. That positive light stays even when we need to work through problems. People feel when you are sincere and grateful.

So next time someone you work with does something you are grateful for, let them know via email, text, or phone conversation.


– Jess

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