Principles of Leadership Part 7: Leading by Boundaries

Leading by boundaries is an essential part of setting the stage for a successful, professional relationship. When there are no boundaries, you are likely to be taken advantage of. Boundaries allow both you and the people you work with, whether clients or coworkers, to know what to expect and how to approach a situation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when setting boundaries:

  •         What are expectations for turnaround times? You and those you work with should all understand this. Set appropriate turnaround times and then follow up.
  •         Do you use appointment setting software? To make it easier on everyone, I use calendly to set appointments (they have a free basic version that works for most people). Then I don’t have to back and forth with someone or drop everything I’m doing to help someone. I just invite them to find a time that works for them and me and we can meet.
  •         Do you email during business hours or outside of business hours? You can schedule am emails so it appears you’re working during business hours instead of the random middle of the night email (this also helps put it at the top of someone’s inbox). Turn off your work phone after work. Don’t look at your emails once you’re clocked out.
  •         Are your communications professional and personable? Be careful about what you say and what you entertain. Keep things within the realms of the work you are doing.

Leading by Boundaries

Remember to keep work at work, set appropriate boundaries for the times you work, places you work, and subjects you talk about. Make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. Leading by boundaries means setting boundaries for other people and for yourself as well.

– Jess

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