Limitless Book Review

After reading the book Limitless by Jim Kwik, I have changed a few patterns in my life and improved my overall outlook. My takeaways from the book were:

  • To start your day intentionally positively. I’ve started my morning routine with reading, getting ready, and then finding one thing I can do to make my day better. Most days that’s cleaning. Therefore, my mornings have become my gift to my future self.
  • Read more. I have a stack of books on my dresser that I have every intention of reading. So, this was my reminder that I enjoy reading and should take the time to do it. I like waking up and starting my morning with a good book, keeps me in my warm bed but wakes up my mind.
  • Read faster, learn something new. Kwik gives some tips and tools for speed reading so I’ve been trying them out as I read. This has not only been good for working through the aforementioned stack of books, but it has also been good for me to push myself. I’m working on something that challenges me and gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Limitless book cover

Limitless was well worth the read. Jim Kwik has a positive twist on everything and is easy to understand. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Jessica Gainer

DOKKA Interview: QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?

DOKKA and Backyard Bookkeeper have had a working relationship for several years now. DOKKA is a Document Management System that is based out of Israel. During their development stage, DOKKA reached out seeking input from a bookkeeper’s perspective. Backyard Bookkeeper was honored to be involved in the process.  Today, we continue that relationship by utilizing this software for client’s who need document managing services. DOKKA’s software utilizes technology to “read” a scanned document and create transactions that can be linked and uploaded into QuickBooks and Xero, among other bookkeeping software.

DOKKA logo

Recently, Julie met with Eric Edelstein, a Co-Founder and CRO of DOKKA, for an interview. She gave her insights as to how to choose between QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Desktop (QBD). You can read part 1 of the article here. Not only does this interview focus on QBO vs. QBD, but it also goes into Julie’s start with bookkeeping, how the recent Coronavirus has impacted things, and how to even start a virtual company. Julie gives clarity on some of the various points that would influence someone’s decision in choosing an appropriate software and tips to be successful. We always enjoy our time spent working with DOKKA and this interview was no exception!

An Employee’s Review of Telecommuting

An Employee’s Review of Telecommuting

I’ve done some research and have found many articles about the perks of having employees work from a virtual office, but I have seen little from the employees themselves. So, here goes:

    Working from Home is The Cat’s Pajamas

I love working from home! The perks are endless:

  1. I can be a mom the way I want to. I have a job where I can be home with my kids, watch them grow, and help them when they need it.
  2. Working from home has made me more efficient. When I’m working, I’m working. My hours on the clock are dedicated to getting work done quickly and well. It has also made me more efficient with home upkeep. I find myself scheduling my entire day better, keeping things cleaner, playing with my kids more, all because my time is valuable and focused.
  3. Company meetings are fun. I enjoy my interactions with my coworkers and feel meetings are time to come together and problem solve. Our meetings are effective and meaningful.
  4. I make money that goes towards taking care of my family. I don’t have to work just to get my kids taken care of at day care or to pay for my car and gas to commute to an office. The money I earn is actually money earned.
  5. The dress code. “I try not to work in pants, I feel like it ruins my productivity.” I said this yesterday, speaking to someone who has a day job working 50+ hours per week in a corporate office. The moment I said it I realized, again, how lucky I am to go to work in my cat pajamas and my favorite hoodie at my own computer.

Overall, I highly recommend working from home for all the reasons listed above and many more. 5 stars!

Backyard Book Review: Do Cool Sh*t by Miki Agrawal

I was wandering the business section of my local library, trying to find inspiration and direction to help myself move forward in life. I turned the corner and this screamed its title at me, DO COOL SH*T. I knew immediately it was coming home with me. 3 weeks later, when it was due back to the library, my own copy was already on its way to my mailbox.

Miki Agrawal expresses herself as a powerful, energetic person. Throughout the book, her voice is loud and clear. She is excited about her own journey and the things she has done to get where she is. This excitement is absolutely contagious.

Agrawal delves into her own business successes and failures and then uses them to suggest ways to apply those stories to your own desires to “Do Cool Sh*t.” She leads the reader through an organized narrative of ways to step out and try things on your own. Each chapter includes a “Do Cool Shit Takeaway,” something that you can do or apply to help you “quit your day job, start your own business & live happily ever after.”

I really appreciated how she showed effective ways to network, throwing parties that lead everyone to walk away with good connections and she would end up with a solid plan for her next steps in her own business.

Agrawal also shows the importance of persistence and learning from her mistakes. This book really opened my eyes to some fun and memorable marketing techniques, ways to effectively grow a business, and how to make a living out of something you love.

This book is definitely worth your time. It’s a fast moving narrative with so much good to take away from it that you’ll want a notebook and a highlighter with you when you read.

Book Review: The Miracle Morning

January is traditionally a time to reflect on the previous year, renew our resolves for healthier, balanced lives; a time to set lofty goals for the new year.  In true January spirit, here’s something that’s helping me achieve my big goals this year.

I bought a book last year called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, after a good friend recommended I pick it up.  While I was already knee-deep in a self-improvement binge, I obliged.  The book was an extremely quick read, even quicker if you skip through the pages of glowing reviews and success stories.  (But don’t skip those because some of them are pretty inspiring.)
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10 Tips For Dealing With Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints are the hard part of owning a business. Sometimes its something that you can’t do anything about and at other times, you are at fault. The bottom line though is that we have to figure out how to deal with problems with customers when they come up. Here is a great article by Forbes contributor Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle that gives 10 tips on how to deal with it.

My favorite one is #3, “Thank your customer” and it advises to actually thank someone for their feedback. Not in a snarky way, but genuinely thank them for bringing it to your attention so that you can rectify the situation. It also gives a tip to actually hear them out without getting defensive or wanted to give them an excuse for what happened.

Honestly, this article had some great points for not only dealing with upset customers but people in all aspects of your life.

Have a friend who is upset about something you did? Use tip #5 and “Offer Support” rather than telling them that they are wrong.

Do you have an in-law that won’t let something you said go? Use tip #10 and move on when you have done everything you can do for them.

It’s a great article, go read it!

Post by Allison