How to Lead When Your Boss Can’t (or Won’t) Book Review

I’ve been reading How to Lead When Your Boss Can’t (or Won’t) by John C. Maxwell. I would highly recommend it, especially for those who have any sort of leadership position within a company (regardless of how good your boss is). It has some great suggestions for leading well from wherever you are within a company. A couple of quotes that stood out to me:

Maxwell’s definition of success: “having those who are closest to me love and respect me the most.” 


Maxwell’s definition of high morale: “I make a difference.”

Much of the book talks about employee buy in, helping them feel like their contribution matters, and understanding that a company’s success depends on all parties involved doing their job well. As I read, the theme that drew my attention throughout the book is communication and gratitude. Talk to your people, let them know you’re grateful for their efforts, and use their strengths to help your company improve.

Maxwell has many wonderful suggestions that can be implemented no matter your position. Well worth the read!

Jessica Gainer